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The Fields Team (and Partners) 9th Annual ESPN Bracket Challenge

The NCAA has cancelled the March Madness tournament. We will no longer be hosting the bracket challenge. We have many fun events coming up this year so please be on the lookout for communication regarding those events.

It’s already March and that means it’s time for our 9th annual ESPN BRACKET CHALLENGE!

We invite friends, family, clients, Real Estate agents interested in joining The Fields Team, and all those who support our co-sponsors to join this year’s challenge by submitting brackets. Please follow the instructions below to enter your brackets.

Only brackets filled out and linked to our group before the start of the first game on March 19th (9 am MST) will be eligible to win*!

We have put together $2500 worth of prizes for winning brackets.

Prizes will be awarded to the creators of the top 10 brackets. See the full list of prizes below.

Best of luck and may the best bracket win!!



You may submit 2 entries plus 1 additional entry for each transaction/referral transaction closed with The Fields Team, Lane Aldrich, or Kyle Haskell for a maximum of 5 entries!

  1. Click HERE to go to the Tournament Challenge page
  2. Select “Create New Bracket!”
  3. A pop-out screen will prompt you to Log In or Sign Up
    1. If you Have an ESPN account already, use those credentials to log in
    2. If you are a new user, take 60 seconds and sign up
  4. Follow prompts to select teams for your bracket 
  5. Be sure to name each of your brackets in a way that can be easily associated with you (e.g. first name and last name initial)
  6. To create additional brackets, mouse over “My Brackets” on the top menu and select “Create Another Bracket”
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to create all of your brackets (you may submit up to 5 entries based on the criteria above)
  8. Once your brackets are created, return to the Home page and select “Join Group”
  9. Scroll down to the All Groups section and enter our group name in the search field: The Fields Team (Aldrich)
  10. Select the group when it shows in the results section
  11. Click the blue “Join Group” button to display a list of the brackets you created
  12. Check off the brackets you wish to add and click “Join Group” to add them to the group (Group Password is: Keller)

Let us know if you have any questions or run into any difficulties with these instructions. Again, THANK YOU to all of our clients, supporters and partners!





Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 brackets as follows:

1st – $1000 in gift cards or $750 check

2nd – $500 in gift cards or $375check

3rd – $350 in gift cards or $265 check

4th – $250 in gift cards or $185 check

5th – $150 gift cards or $115 check

6th – $100 in gift cards

7th – $50 in gift cards

8th – $50 in gift cards

9th – $25 in gift cards

10th – $25 in gift cards


*This challenge is exclusively for friends and family, past/current/future clients, Real Estate agents interested in joining The Fields Team, and all those who support the sponsors in their professional and/or personal lives. All prizes to be awarded at sponsor’s full discretion.