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Pleasant Grove Real Estate

Pleasant Grove, Utah was originally named Battle Creek after a battle that took place in 1849 between Mormon settlers and a band of Ute Indians. The small community eventually began calling the area Pleasant Grove for a grove of cottonwood trees located between Battle Creek and Grove Creek. 

The citizens built a fort about the size of sixteen city blocks and many built homes inside the fort around 1855. While the fort is no longer standing, local historians erected memorial cornerstones commemorating where the fort once stood. Pleasant Grove was incorporated as a city in 1855. While early life was difficult, every summer the locals gathered and celebrated their abundant strawberry crop. “Strawberry Days” has been a long standing tradition and is still celebrated today even though the strawberry fields are long gone. Pleasant Grove has grown into a bustling city and as of the 2016 census was the fifth largest city in Utah.  


Things to do

PG Recreation Center – The Recreation Center has a large pool for public use as well as private lessons. There are many classes available for youth and adults and tons of events throughout the year for families. 

Strawberry Days – Strawberry Days is a long-standing tradition and a wonderful community celebration. Some of the many activities include a rodeo, a garden tour, a volleyball tournament, a parade, a 5K fun run, a pickleball tournament, a carnival, concerts, and of course strawberries and cream served everywhere! It’s the longest running celebration in Utah and residents come from all over the state to join in the festivities. 

Concerts in the Park – Every year from the middle of June through the middle of August, the city hosts Sunday evening concerts in the park at the recreation center. It is one of the best parts of the summer for many and a fun time for community gatherings. 

Evermore Park – Evermore Park is a new adventure park experience in Pleasant Grove. It is the ultimate role play game with an entire park themed like a European village with buildings, citizens, and an epic storyline. Guests can go on quests, talk to characters, and become part of the fantasy village. It’s a fun adventure for families of all ages!

Discovery (Manila) Park – The innovative park is a place where children can learn about science while enjoying the outdoors. The park features whisper dishes, a dinosaur sand pit, an earthquake platform, music tubes, and much more. There are also 4 baseball diamonds, 6 lighted tennis courts, a soccer field, walking paths, and barbecues for picnics. 

Murdock Canal Trail – The trail runs through seven communities in Utah county with established trailheads and restroom facilities about every three miles. Pleasant Grove has two trailheads with one at 1100 N. 600 E. and another one at N. Canyon Road and Canyon Heights Drive. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Utah. 


Places of Interest

Pleasant Grove History Museum – The museum is housed in the oldest school building in the state of Utah. You will find thousands artifacts, hundreds of portraits of early pioneers, and much more information about the early history of the area. 

Historic Main Street – Pleasant Grove’s Main Street has several historic buildings still standing. Many buildings now house businesses and it is a fun walk down memory lane. Many of the buildings are also on the National Registry. 

Old Pleasant Grove Fort – Built in response to the breakout of the Walker War, the fort was the starting point of the modern layout of Pleasant Grove. It is an interesting part of the history of the city and while the fort is no longer standing, you can still find the corner markers in the historic downtown area. 



Other than a few shops along main street, most residents do most of their shopping in nearby Lindon and Orem, Utah. There is a grocery store and a few restaurants in town, but residents have plenty of other options in nearby cities. 



Schools in Pleasant Grove are part of the Alpine School District. The school district encompases most of Utah County and a portion of the city of Draper in Salt Lake County. It is the largest school district in Utah.


Elementary Schools

Central Elementary

Grovecrest Elementary

Manilla Elementary 

Mount Mahogany Elementary

Valley View Elementary


Junior High School

Pleasant Grove Junior High School


High School

Pleasant Grove High School