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December Virtual Challenge

Welcome to The Fields Team December Virtual Challenge (Amazing Race style)! 

Your challenges are listed below. First team to complete all 20 challenges wins $500 cash!

Please read the instructions before you begin!



  • Below is a list of 20 challenges that you/your team must complete. 
  • Everyone in a household may participate but they will be counted as a team and not as individual contestants.
  • Please direct message our Facebook business page with any questions throughout the event.
  • This contest is for residents living along the Wasatch front in Utah.
  • Participants who are affiliated with other real estate groups are not eligible to win.
  • All prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of The Fields Team.
  • This is planned as a fun – family-friendly – event so do your best, follow the rules, but most of all have fun!


  • There are 20 Challenges broken into 5 sections. Each section will require you to interact on either Facebook, our website, or our preferred partners’ websites. You may need to be logged into these sites to participate.
  • Challenges may be completed in any order.
  • Use #thefieldsteamchallenge for all posts you make as you complete challenges.
  • There will be multiple prizes so don’t worry if you’re not the first to finish!
  • AFTER COMPLETING ALL 20 CHALLENGES, Message DONE and the current time (e.g. DONE 7:09pm) to The Fields Team.
  • Grand prize winner and Runners up will be announced at 7:30. Additional prizes will be announced Monday morning.



HAVE SOME FUN (8 Challenges)

Post pictures/videos of you completing 1-8 on Facebook.

Tag @thefieldsteam and use #thefieldsteamchallenge in your post. MAKE SURE TO POST PUBLICLY.

  1. Share a video on Facebook of everyone in your household trying the First Move Last Move TikTok Dance Challenge. (Example) (Music)
  2. Make a “snowman” out of any medium (Play-Doh, rocks, posts and pans, anything!) – Post a picture.
  3. Do a 30-second plank (or jumping jacks for 30 seconds) while singing your favorite holiday song.
  4. Draw a picture of your agent – post the picture and tag them in it (don’t have an agent yet? draw a house and tag @thefieldsteam).
  5. Learn the Toosie Slide and share a video performing it. (Example) (Music)
  6. Make a boat out of tinfoil – post a picture of it floating.
  7. Find at least 5 items on the Stay-at-Home Scavenger hunt. Share a picture of your findings.
  8. Make your best gingerbread house out of bread – Post a picture.


OUR WEBSITE (4 Challenges)

Send the answers to 9-12 to The Fields Team on Facebook Messenger.

  1. What is the MLS “ID#” for the property we have listed on 133 E. Cottage Cove, Saratoga Springs? 
  2. What is the title of our most recent blog?
  3. How many properties are listed in the 84057 zip code. 
  4. What is the name of the Fields Team agent in our Mapleton Community Guide video on our Community Guide page? 



Send the answers to 13 and 14 and a screenshot of 15 to The Fields Team on Facebook Messenger.

  1. Where is The Fields Team’s office located? 
  2. How many google reviews do we have?
  3. Text a thumbs up to your Fields Team agent (don’t have an agent yet? Text 971.218.9114 instead).


 SERVICE (2 Challenges)

Post 16 and 17 on Facebook and use #thefieldsteamchallenge

  1. Share a post with a link to the Mascot Miracles foundation ( or another charity page.
  2. Gather 3 things around your house that you can donate to a foodbank or homeless shelter.



Send the answers to 18 and 19 to The Fields Team on Facebook Messenger. (Click here to view our  preferred vendors)

  1. What is Sean Knudsen’s title at Guaranteed Rate?
  2. What lender does Emilie Jensen represent?


 LEAVE A REVIEW (1 Challenge)

Send the name of the review platform you used to The Fields Team on Facebook Messenger.

  1. For this challenge, we ask that you leave a review of The Fields Team on either Facebook or Google. Reviews must have at least 2 sentences. Your review will be public. Your rating will not affect your chances of winning. If you have already left a review of our team on both of these locations, THANK YOU, let us know via Facebook Messenger! 


AFTER COMPLETING ALL 20 CHALLENGES, Message DONE and the current time (e.g. DONE 8:09pm) to The Fields Team on Facebook Messenger.