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Things to Prioritize When Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

The current high demand market makes it a perfect time to sell your home. However, just because it’s a great time to sell doesn’t guarantee success. Selling your home takes time and effort and it may be tough to know what to prioritize. We have six must-do’s for a successful and stress-free home sale. 

  1. Find a fantastic real estate agent

It may be tempting to sell your home on your own, but in a highly competitive market, having an expert in your corner will save you a lot of headaches and stress. Don’t hire the first agent you talk to about your home. Do your research and make sure you are hiring the right agent with the right expertise.

  1. Consider your curb appeal

Don’t forget to spruce up your yard and the front areas around your home. It’s your best bet to make a good first impression. Before your agent comes out to take pictures of your home, remove unsightly weeds and make sure the lawn is freshly mowed. Consider putting flower pots by the front door. It makes your home feel warm and inviting.

  1. Declutter

Too much clutter can make the space in your home feel even smaller. Decluttering before you list your home also helps out when you are ready to move. It’s one less thing to tackle when you are packing up your house. Store items you want to keep and donate items you no longer need. You may be surprised how much it opens up the spaces in your home. 

  1. Give your home a little TLC

You don’t need to repaint your entire house to sell it, but it’s a good idea to look around with fresh eyes. Freshen up scuff marks on walls and fix anything obviously broken. Give your home a good deep cleaning so it sparkles when potential buyers walk through. Check for lingering pet smells or other odors that might be off-putting. A little TLC makes a big difference for a successful sale. 

  1. Price your house right

One issue many sellers come across is knowing how to price your house right for the market. Your agent will help you with this process and assist you with setting the right price for your home and for your financial goals. Even in a hot market, overpricing your home will make it more difficult to sell. 

7. Stage your home

Even if your home isn’t stuck in the 1970’s, staging your home right goes a long way. Buyers may not appreciate your personal touches. Don’t take it personally, though, it helps buyers picture themselves in the home when it feels less personal. A professional home stager will give you advice about what items to remove and may even suggest renting furniture while you are selling your home to give it the right feel. 

Bottom Line

No matter how hot the market is, selling a home still requires time and energy. Prioritizing the right things and having a real estate team on board will make all the difference. If you are thinking about selling, reach out to our team. We are happy to help. 

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