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The Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

With plenty of sunny days and rising energy costs, many Utah homeowners are considering solar. At first glance it makes sense as a great way to cut electric bills while using otherwise un-touched rooftop space. There are however several important things to consider when deciding if solar is the right choice for you.

Here is our pros and cons list.


  1. The most obvious pro is the lower monthly energy bill. Properly placed solar panels are able to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, electricity bills for homeowners. With fluctuating electricity costs, it is nice to not have to worry when KWh prices increase.
  2. Solar panels can improve the value of your home. Buyers tend to like the prospect of enjoying the low utility bills without having to worry about the installation process or cost.
  3. Not only can you reduce your electric bill, in some cases, homeowners enjoy credits from utility companies for surplus energy that is transferred to the local grid.
  4. Solar-sourced energy reduces the need for fossil fuels and, over time, results in fewer fossil fuels being consumed.


  1. Solar doesn’t work for every roof. Many roofs are not properly situated or designed to accommodate enough solar panels to provide a benefit to the homeowner.
  2. Upfront costs are still very high. Even with greatly improved technology, the cost to outfit a home with solar panels can outweigh the benefit.
  3. Solar panels can make moving harder. With the high upfront costs, it can take 15-20 years to truly benefit from the energy savings. Homeowners should strongly consider whether or not they will be staying in their home long term before they make the decision on installing solar panels.

Solar energy is a great idea for many but it is important to consider all of the pros and cons before installing it on your home. Our team has worked with many homeowners who have installed panels on their homes. We would love to share some more insights with you if you need help deciding if solar is right for you!.

Please reach out to your agent to learn more.

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