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    Sub-for-Santa 2018

    We have been grateful for and humbled by the nominations sent in for our 2018 Sub-for-Santa efforts and fundraiser. While many of us have experienced a happy, successful 2018, some amazing families have fallen on hard times, have lost a job or loved one, are currently battling serious illnesses, etc.  The Fields Team would like to rally our clients, friends, and community to provide Christmas for 2 deserving families and bring holiday cheer to brighten their lives.

    We are looking for volunteers to sponsor each individual with $150 to $200 worth of gifts and items. For those wanting to contribute $75 to $100, let us know and we will pair you up with someone else to co-sponsor an individual. You can also donate directly to our GoFundMe account at and have your funds go directly to the families in need.

    Below you will find more information on each family and their individual needs. If you would like to sponsor an individual, please select from this list and let us know the city, gender & age of the individual(s) you would like to sponsor. Please send us at least two options for every one person you would like to sponsor (in case multiple people request the same individual).

    The Craven Family:   On October 20, 2018, the Craven’s little 5-year-old son, Wyatt, lost his battle with AML leukemia. His family has gone through months of being without their mother because she lived at the hospital with Wyatt. His medications cost over 15K a month after insurance which does not include the costs of the hospital stay itself. Her children also began to be homeschooled and quarantined from other people so they would stay germ-free and be able to see their brother. After 3 rounds of regular chemo and 1 round of adult chemo, his numbers didn’t change enough to get a lifesaving bone marrow transplant from his 7-year-old brother. Everett, age 7, was the perfect match for Wyatt and wanted to help his brother. They sent Wyatt home with his family and were told there was nothing more that could be done for him at primary children’s. He passed away peacefully at home. This will be such a hard Christmas without their sweet son and we want to find a way to show them, love.

    The Ruiz Family (Murray): This adorable family found themselves homeless when work slowed down for the father.  For an extended period, the family lived out of their car.  To get by, The family of 7 began parking their car at the construction site the father was working at during the day and living in the car at night.  During this difficult time, they were cold and went many days without food.  They were able to save up enough money to rent a 2-bedroom apartment a few weeks ago.  They have received donations to help fill their home, however, they can still use clothes, boots/shoes, food, and other items for their apartment.

    The Wilson Family :  On June 2nd 2018, three year old Mateo was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer.  He has gone through 6 rounds of chemo, surgery to remove the mass in his abdomen and many, many tests, scans, and procedures.  He has been in and out of the hospital since the day he was diagnosed.  This has been a crazy time for the whole family trying to manage life in the hospital and life at home with the emotional and financial issues that come with that.  Mateo gets treated at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City which complicates things for the family because they live in Provo. They have seen many tender mercies and miracles along the way.  The biggest challenge is being apart from family and trying to find balance while spending quality time together. Of course money has been an issue, but they are so blessed with the husband’s great medical insurance through his work.

    The Clayton / Dupre Family (Payson): This wonderful family is extremely hard working.  The single mom is working hard to try and change her children’s lives.  More information on this family is coming!

    If you become a sponsor, you will need to have all gifts purchased, wrapped, labeled with the individual’s city, gender, and age and delivered to our office no later than Friday, December 14th.  Sponsors can deliver gifts to our office anytime prior to the 14th during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm).

    You can sponsor or adopt one individual, or multiple individuals. If you have special access or discounts to some item or product and would like to give it as a gift to each family, please let us know (handmade gifts, gift cards, food, etc.).

    If you are not in a position to sponsor an individual (time or financial constraints), you can still help by providing a financial donation through our GoFundMe account in whatever amount you can! These funds will be divided up equally among the families.

    To submit your sponsorship of an individual (or for more information), please send an email to Joscelyn Lee at

    **If needed, you can contact Joscelyn via phone/text at (801) 822-1739**

    We will update this blog article with the assigned sponsors. Please don’t start purchasing gifts until you receive a confirmation of your sponsorship.

    You can give gift cards, clothing items, toys, electronics, etc., but a value of approximately $150 and no more than $200 (we would like to keep it fair among all individuals, especially siblings). If you’d like to donate more than this, please let us know and we can help you give more to the family as a whole.

    We ask for all gifts to be wrapped, have the name of the individual on the gift and delivered to our office no later than Friday, December 14th.

    The gifts will be delivered to the families sometimes between December 15th and 23rd. The Team Member responsible for the family will organize a time to deliver the gifts, snacks and other items and carol to the family, and we will invite all the sponsors to join (and anyone else who wants to help and partake in the amazing experience that this will be)!

    This is an incredible opportunity to show and teach our children about service, love, giving, sacrificing our time and money by caring for our neighbors in need.

    THANK YOU in advance! We are thrilled to join forces with you to provide some holiday cheer to some very deserving families in our community!

    Craven Girl – Age 9 – loves horses, LOL dolls and crafts like bath bombs

    SPONSORED Craven Boy – Age 8 – loves Black Panther, motor cross, Pokemon, and playing video games on the switch

    Craven Boy -Age 7 – likes bubble gum, candy, all things animal, science projects and silly string

    SPONSORED Craven Girl – Age 4 – loves baby dolls, paw patrol, Disney princesses, building forts and  playing outside with her siblings

    Craven Girl – Age 2 – loves everything her 4-year-old sister loves

    Craven Parents – trying to finish the basement and could benefit from Lowe’s and Home Depot gift cards — they also need a close weekend getaway where they can spend time together as they have put everything into their sweet son. 


    SPONSORED Ruiz Girl – Age 15 – likes makeup and really needs shoes, clothes, undergarments, etc

    SPONSORED Ruiz Girl – Age 12 – likes vans, pants, shirts, tennis shoes and undergarments

    SPONSORED Ruiz Girl – Age 9 – likes vans, needs shirts, pants, jacket, etc

    SPONSORED Ruiz Boy – Age 7 – likes cars and would like some shoes, clothes, socks, etc

    SPONSORED Ruiz Girl – Age 3 – likes PJ mask (show), set of teddy bears, clothes etc

    SPONSORED Ruiz Girl – Age 1 – likes dolls and needs diapers, clothes, etc

    Ruiz Parents – basic apartment needs


    Clayton/Dupre Girl – Age 11 – likes playing dress up, reading Harry Potter books and singing.

    Clayton/Dupre Boy – Age 11 -loves sports and drawing

    Clayton/Dupre Boy – Age 9 – loves sports, cars, and LEGO.

    Clayton/Dupre Girl – Age 6 – loves baby dolls, blocks, playing dress up, and Elsa

    Clayton/Dupre Mom – More information coming


    SPONSORED Wilson Girl- Age 13 – needs snow boots and snow pants, loves music and musical theater, likes lotions, jewelry is very musically talented, loves arts and crafts and can draw really well

    SPONSORED Wilson Boy- Age 11 -loves legos, playing video games, tanks, Nerf guns, baseball, he likes to draw, he has an engineer’s mind

    SPONSORED Wilson Boy- Age 9 -loves legos, Hexbugs, playing video games, Nerf guns, baseball, soccer, he likes to draw.

    SPONSORED Wilson Girl- Age 7 -loves girly things, My Little Pony, LOL surprises, Shimmer and Shine, Shopkins, Hatchimals, American Girl doll type of things, dress ups, ballet

    SPONSORED Wilson Boy- Age 3 -loves PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, original Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie etc), Trolls from the movie, Spider Man, Thomas the Train minis, He loves to dance and sing. 

    SPONSORED Wilson Parents -have an old house and gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes could be great for needed repairs or amazon gift cards could be useful too

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