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Spring 2021 Design Trends to Watch

Nobody will deny that 2020 was the longest year ever, but 2021 is here and there’s hope on the horizon. We’ve all stayed indoors more than ever before and our inside spaces have received some much needed attention. Whether you are looking for upgrade ideas, want to freshen up your space to sell your home, or perhaps you are in the market to spread out after so much family time, it’s great to discover what decorating trends are in style this year. 



Yellow and Gray

Pantone announced the colors of the year: Illuminating, a zingy yellow, and Ultimate Gray. These two colors are very complementary and provide bright, happy spaces. These warm, optimistic colors are the perfect accent after a long and dreary 2020. 


The Home Office

While work is slowly returning to normal, there’s speculation that our current work from home situation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most businesses are adapting to a hybrid solution for their employees. That means your home office space is more important than ever. 

Neutral colors are perfect for a home office, but don’t forget to add wall accents and even a desk lamp. Clear, crips lines are also on trend along with plenty of chic storage options to keep your space feeling light and organized. A comfy desk chair is imperative to work from home life. Consider adding an armchair to give your office a cozy feeling. If you are hoping to sell, make sure your office is decluttered and shows off the space in the best light possible. 




Bringing the outdoors inside is back! Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest looking for new home décor ideas and you’ll see many happy plants decorating indoor spaces. They bring vibrancy and color to any room and help keep the air a little bit cleaner. 

Don’t overdo it if you are selling! Your home shouldn’t feel like a greenhouse. A few accents in some key rooms are perfect and give your home a welcoming feel. 


Entertainment Spaces

With all the staying home we’ve done, and may continue to do for a while, indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces are even more important to most homeowners than they were a year ago. Larger TV’s, comfortable couches, and better sound systems are all the rage. 

Don’t forget the kitchen. Dining in means hosting small dinner parties and having an amenable dining space is key. 

For outdoor areas, multi-functional spaces are popular this year. Functional and beautiful outdoor spaces give families a safe way to gather. Outdoor dining and cooking are also trending this year. 



Earthy Color Palettes

For a warm and inviting living space, earthy color palettes are in style. Incorporate natural textures, woven, and rattan accessories. One-of-a-kind pieces are perfect for an earthy tone and give your home a unique, and comfortable feel. Bring a little nature into your home and strengthen the human nature connection!

Whether you are updating your home to sell or just want to freshen up a room in your home, these trends will keep you feeling great about your space!


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