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Is it Time to Sell?

Deciding it’s time to sell your home is a difficult decision. Will you find something you like better? Will your family be happy with a move? Will you miss your neighbors? 

There’s a lot more involved in making the decision to sell than what is happening in your local market. Most homeowners decide to sell for emotional and lifestyle reasons. If you are spending your spare time stalking local listings, but still can’t decide, there are some surefire ways you can know the time is right. 

  1. You’ve outgrown your home

Your home was probably the perfect size when you moved in, but over time if your family has grown and you find yourself daydreaming about more space, it might be time to sell. A growing family needs room and the addition of pets as well as a natural accumulation of items in your home may have you stepping on top of each other more often than not.

A townhome with no need to worry about lawn care may have been perfect before, but if Fido desperately needs a backyard to romp around in, you may be thinking about how much better life would be with extra space. A growing family (pets included!) is one of the biggest reasons families move. 

  1. You are jealous of how much your neighbor made selling their home

Utah’s market is hot right now and walking away with a chunk of change to put down on a new home is appealing to many homeowners. If you are ready to find out how much you could potentially make on the sale of your home, contact a realtor and ask for a home evaluation (also called a Comparable Market Analysis). It’s free and will give an idea of what your home is worth. 

  1.  You are thinking about schools

Another big reason growing families move is for schools. You may be looking for the best area so your kids can receive the best education. Living in the school boundaries of a reputable public school makes educating your children better. Moving before the beginning of the school year is often an easier adjustment for kids, so if you are thinking about selling, now is the time. 

  1. The real estate market is hopping

There’s no doubt that it is a seller’s market right now. Most homes aren’t staying on the market for very long which means a quick and easy process for you. With low inventory, your house is a hot commodity! A real estate agent can help you determine the best timing for your situation and your family. A seller’s market is always a good time to sell. 

  1. Interest rates are still at a record low

Low interest rates means more buying power. It’s also a huge advantage as a seller because there will be a larger pool of qualified buyers. Both buyers and sellers are taking advantage of historically low interest rates and there’s no telling how much longer they will last. If you want to capitalize on crazy low rates, now might be the time to sell.

  1. You have a plan

Selling a home is a big deal and if you have a plan for what comes next, you are definitely ready to pull the trigger. 

You’ll want to consider:

  • How big of a house you want
  • What area you hope to live in
  • What your budget looks like
  • What your long-term plan is

If you have other questions or are still on the fence, it may be helpful to speak to a realtor. 

  1. You are emotionally ready to sell

Selling a home is often an emotional roller coaster and the longer you’ve lived in your home, the harder it may be to leave. If you are ready to tackle decluttering your space, packing away some treasured mementos, and excited for a new adventure, you are ready to take the next step. With the right real estate team on your side, your experience doesn’t have to be stressful. 

Ready to sell? Let us help! We are happy to help you get started on the road to selling. 

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