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How to sell your home during back to school season

Back to school is a busy time of year for parents everywhere. Summer is winding down and fall is rapidly approaching and while many think of spring and summer as the best time to sell a home, fall is actually hot for the real estate market! It’s much easier to show a home when little ones aren’t under foot and are back in school. If you are thinking of selling your home during this fall back to school season, here are some great tips for success! 

1. Create autumn curb appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s way of making a positive first impression. As you tidy your yard in preparation for listing your home, create a homey autumn feel by adding some fall accents. Plant marigolds and chrysanthemums in pots and place them along the sidewalk or on your front porch. Rake up leaves in the yard and cut away summer flowers and plants. You can even place an autumn themed wreath on the door. 


2. Check the HVAC

As temperatures cool down and your furnace kicks on, you’ll want to be sure to check your HVAC system before listing. Be sure to replace the filter if it’s been more than 90 days so the air in your home is fresh and your furnace functions properly. If you discover any problems, you’ll want to have them fixed before your home goes on the market. 


3. Use Autumn colors and accents 

Just as you created a warm Autumn feel on the outside, you’ll want to create a similar feel on the inside of your home. Toss a fall colored quilt over a chair, or brighten up a couch with fall inspired accent pillows. Create an autumn centerpiece for your dining room table. While you don’t want to over decorate, some fall accents help potential buyers feel at home. 


4. Stow away school items

Back-to-school means your kids are bringing home papers and artwork daily. Create a place where you can stow away their work during showings. Clear off the clutter from the refrigerator and other places you typically display their work. Create storage for their backpacks and other school supplies. While those items make your home feel like home to you, it’s important to help buyers feel they belong in the home. 


5. Be prepared for showings

It’s easy for a showing to pop up and catch you off guard. Create a checklist with everything you need to do before a potential buyer comes over. Make sure you check the yard and put away outside toys and items as well. Give yourself an hour or two buffer so you have plenty of time to tidy up. Be sure to also have an escape plan so you can easily pass the time. Find a nearby park, visit the library, or run a few errands during your time away from home. 


It’s always a challenge to sell a home, but with a little preparation and planning you can easily sell your home during the back-to-school season. Ready to list your home? Let us help! Contact us today. 

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