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8 Fun ways to make your Thanksgiving COVID safe!

As with pretty much everything in 2020, Thanksgiving is unlikely to be the same as usual. With COVID-19 cases surging across the country, families are urged to stay home and celebrate without gathering together with loved ones. While it may make for a very different holiday, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the holiday and connect with your extended family. 


Don’t let the pandemic stop you from decorating for the season! It’s an easy way to make everything feel a little more normal. Add a new centerpiece or a festive wreath to your front door. Fall colors and decorations will warm your home and lift your spirits.

Get Crafty!

With everyone spending so much more time indoors, it’s easy to feel cooped up and tired of the daily routine. Mix it up with some fun fall crafts that get everyone involved. You can easily search for Thanksgiving themed crafts online so you don’t have to worry about going to the craft store. Your craft can be as simple as a handprint turkey or as fancy as creating your very own Thanksgiving Day party game. 

Host a virtual party

A fun way to connect with friends and family this season may involve Zoom. Whether you set up a time for a family toast, or you Zoom everyone in for dinner, this is a fun option for a contact free family dinner party. You’ll get to hear all about how everyone is handling online learning and other crazy happenings in 2020. 

Watch a fall movie

Snuggle up with your family after dinner and watch one of your favorite fall movies. You may be too full for movie treats, but wassail or hot cocoa may be just the thing to make your family feel warm and happy. Make it a marathon with your favorite Star Wars or Harry Potter movies and relax all day long. 

Put together a puzzle

Looking for something a little more engaging? Try a puzzle! You can choose a larger puzzle to give you something to do the entire Thanksgiving break. Or maybe you just need an after dinner activity. Puzzles are a fantastic way to connect with your family and a great way to teach kids to work together. 

Deliver a meal contact free

If you have grandparents or other family members nearby that won’t be cooking a full meal and will be missing out on all the delicious Thanksgiving Day foods, bring them a meal! Purchase disposable dishes and put all the deliciousness of Thanksgiving in a package you can leave on their porch. They may not get to hug you in person this year, but you can still give them the gift of love in a Turkey day feast.

Play football together…online!

Sad you’ll be missing out on your traditional family football game on Thanksgiving Day? Take it online! Set up a Zoom call while you all play Madden. Have fun with the tournament and give the winner a fun prize…virtually, of course. 

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Yes, it’s still happening! While it won’t be the same as the usual live parade, you can still tune in on Thanksgiving Day and enjoy the crowd free event. It will be aired at 9 am in all time zones on NBC. 

This once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) quarantine-style Thanksgiving will go down in the record books for sure. It’s tough to be away from loved ones during the holidays, but hopefully by this time next year, it will be a mostly forgotten memory. 

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