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Monthly Archives: May 2020

    Selling Post COVID

    By Stephen Kimball | May 29, 2020

    The strength of the Utah economy and almost all of the real estate markets in Utah continues to amaze and impress! We truly do live in an amazing state/economy and we are very fortunate to have been here during the COVID situation. We are at YELLOW status already, trending towards green soon enough, and the... Read More

    5 Family-Friendly Hikes to Try This Summer

    By Stephen Kimball | May 27, 2020

    5 Family Friendly Hikes Along the Wasatch Front Spring is a wonderful time of year for families to be outside and enjoy everything the state has to offer. One of the best parts of living in Utah is no matter where you live, you are close to nature and gorgeous scenery. Here are five easy,... Read More

    Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

    By Stephen Kimball | May 15, 2020

    Many potential home buyers are wary about purchasing a home during this time of such uncertainty. While there is no straightforward answer, Utah’s housing market hasn’t been severely impacted by Covid-19. If your job and industry remains stable, it may be a good time to buy and take advantage of record low mortgage rates.   ... Read More

    Get Your House Listing Ready!

    By Stephen Kimball | May 6, 2020

    Planning on selling this year? Here are a few minor touch-ups that will go a long way towards making a good impression on potential buyers. A good first impression is critical and there are a few must do items to prepare your home before it goes on the market.   Focus on curb appeal More... Read More