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    Should I Move with Today’s Mortgage Rates?

    By Nathan Butterfield | April 23, 2024

    April 10, 2024 For SellersMortgage RatesSelling Myths When mortgage rates spiked up over the last few years, some homeowners put their plans to move on pause. Maybe you did too because you didn’t want to sell and take on a higher mortgage rate for your next home. But is that still the right strategy for... Read More

    Vonk Lending: Lending Market Review

    By Nathan Butterfield | April 9, 2024

    I’m here today with Sean Knudsen with Vonk lending. Not only has he become a very good friend of mine but he was actually my first preferred lender as a new agent back in 2009 and has remained a preferred lender for The Fields Team for about 15 years believe it or not. Grateful to... Read More

    New Edge Homes Development

    By Nathan Butterfield | April 9, 2024

    I just found out about this massive new development in Mapleton Utah by EDG Holmes one of my absolute favorite builders in Utah today we’ve arranged to meet with Brady JX with EDG hommes on site to check it out and get all the details I’m super stoked not just for this development but to... Read More

    Elevated Grounds Coffee

    By Admin | March 21, 2024

    good morning today we’re at Elevated Grounds Coffee Shop one of my favorite coffee shops in all of Utah County located in Lindon Utah, at the canopy properties Business Park. Not only is the owner Nicole Evans one of my good friends but she’s also a past client and we’re excited to meet her today... Read More

    Expert Home Price Forecasts for 2024 Revised Up

    By Nathan Butterfield | February 22, 2024

    Over the past few months, experts have revised their 2024 home price forecasts based on the latest data and market signals, and they’re even more confident prices will rise, not fall. So, let’s see exactly how experts’ thinking has shifted – and what’s caused the change. 2024 Home Price Forecasts: Then and Now The chart below shows what seven... Read More

    Strategic Tips for Buying Your First Home

    By Nathan Butterfield | February 22, 2024

    Buying your first home is a big, exciting step and a major milestone that has the power to improve your life. As a first-time homebuyer, it’s a dream you can make come true, but there are some hurdles you’ll need to overcome in today’s housing market – specifically the limited supply of homes for sale and ongoing affordability challenges. So, if you’re... Read More

    Are More Homeowners Selling as Mortgage Rates Come Down?

    By Nathan Butterfield | January 27, 2024

    If you’re looking to buy a home, the recent downward trend in mortgage rates is good news because it helps with affordability. But there’s another way this benefits you – it may inspire more homeowners to put their houses up for sale. The Mortgage Rate Lock-In Effect Over the past year, one factor that’s really limited the options... Read More

    What Lower Mortgage Rates Mean for Your Purchasing Power

    By Nathan Butterfield | January 10, 2024

    January 8, 2024For BuyersFirst Time Home BuyersMove-Up BuyersBuying Myths If you want to buy a home, it’s important to know how mortgage rates impact what you can afford and how much you’ll pay each month. Fortunately, rates for 30-year fixed mortgages have come down significantly since the end of October and are currently under 7%, according to Freddie Mac (see graph... Read More

    Is Owning a Home Still the American Dream for Younger Buyers?

    By Nathan Butterfield | December 1, 2023

    Is Owning a Home Still the American Dream for Younger Buyers? November 30, 2023For BuyersFirst Time Home BuyersHousing Market UpdatesDemographicsBuying Myths Everyone has their own idea of the American Dream, and it’s different for each person. But, in a recent survey by Bankrate, people were asked about the achievements they believe represent the American Dream the most. The... Read More

    Are the Top 3 Housing Market Questions on Your Mind?

    By Nathan Butterfield | December 1, 2023

    November 28, 2023For BuyersFor SellersFirst Time Home BuyersMove-Up BuyersHousing Market UpdatesBuying MythsSelling Myths As the housing market evolves, individuals contemplating buying or selling a home often encounter a barrage of conflicting information. To address these common concerns, let’s delve into the three most frequently asked questions and shed light on the latest market trends. Here... Read More