Quick & Easy Tips

              to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home


         Home Decorating

Tip #1

Make that area rug look 10x better

No home is 100% perfect. Any home owner eventually starts thinking of ways that they would do something differently. While you can't necessarily remodel your home every time you change your mind, you can learn to play up your home's strengths and learn to hide it's flaws. This will do two things:

1. Make you love your home even more if you plan to stay.

2. Make your home extra appealing to potential home buyers if you plan to move.

photo of a decorative rug placed completely underneath three chairs

For this first post, lets talk simple decorating.

Area rugs look great on hard floors such as wood or tile. The trick, though, is to make sure the area rug is large enough so that sofas and chairs are completely on top of the rug. That means all four legs! If that is completely not possible, at least two legs of each chair should be on the rug. You'll notice the improvement immediately.

Check back next Tuesday. We'll have more tips & tricks for homeowners to decorate, maintain, and improve their homes.

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Tip #2

Hang your pictures at the right height

Many people have trouble knowing the exact height to hang their pictures. If you are an art lover, you may have noticed that galleries hang artwork all at the same level, right at eye level.

Of course, eye level depends on how tall you are but a good rule of thumb is 57 inches from the ground. To be clear, that's 57 inches from the ground to the middle of the picture.

What if you have multiple pictures all hung together like the picture to the left? Just think of the group of pictures as one larger picture and hang accordingly. 



Home Maintenance

Tip #1

2 Easy Must Do's

Just the sound of the phrase "home maintenance" is enough to make some people cringe. It doesn't have to be hard though.

Here are a few simple ways to keep appliances running smoothly in your home.

Dirty Dryer Vent

1. The Dryer Exhaust 

You know that giant tube that comes out of your dryer? That's an exhaust tube. About once a year, you should take the time to vacuum it out so lint doesn't build up and cause a fire hazard.  

2. The Furnace 

Most people know that they need to change their furnace filters every 3 months what you may not know is why. There are 2 reasons. First, you will save money. Your furnace will need fewer repairs and it will last longer before it needs to be replaced.

Second, the air quality in your home will be better. In Utah, we worry a lot about air quality. You see the signs all over the freeway. This is one easy way you improve air quality in your home.

Lawn & Garden

Tip #1

Mow your grass... but not too short

Most people tend to mow their lawn far too short. Don't get the wrong idea, we aren't talking about having grass that is a foot tall (I think your HOA would hate you). However, setting your lawn mower to it's tallest setting might be a good idea.

Wonder why? 

There are three major reason why taller grass means a better looking lawn.

1. Taller grass will develop a better and stronger root system.

This may seem trivial, but it's not. A better root system means that your grass will be able to get the nutrients it needs to look great and stay healthy.

2. Taller grass will shade the ground so it doesn't dry out so quickly.

This saves water and makes sure that your watering efforts pay off.

3. Taller grass will block the sun from reaching new weeds trying to invade your lawn.

As weeds sprout and begin to grow they need sun like any other plant. Taller grass blocks this sun and will kill the weeds naturally before they have a chance to gain a foothold in your lawn.


Tip #2

Curb appeal for now and later

Have you ever seen people getting ready to sell their home and doing a ton of last minute gardening and outdoor yard maintenance? As most people know, first impressions make a huge difference. That being aid, it's a lot harder to play catch up than to regularly maintain a beautiful yard. 


Plus, this way YOU get to enjoy the beauty of your home, not just your prospective buyers.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to improve that first impression.

1. Paint your door.

It's easy to let your door start to show signs of wear and tear. It is in constant use. It is, however, one of the first things people see when they come to your home.

2. Add flowers and shrubs.

Flowers and shrubs add a lot of bang for your outdoor decorating buck. They will add a beauty to your home that you can't get any other way.

3. Don't just mow your lawn, make sure it is regularly edged.

An edged lawn helps make everything look clean and well taken care of. This will reflect on your entire home. If you don't happen to own an edger, you can rent one from somewhere like Home Depot® for fairly cheap.