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2017-01-04 13:26:33
THANK YOU from our Sub for Santa Families

As we delivered over $10,000 worth of donations and gifts to our Sub for Santa families, we were overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and joy. Since many of you were unable to deliver your donations with us, we would like to share these thank you letters from some of the families so that you might know how impactful this experience and your generosity has been:


'As you have been told, my husband suffered through a couple of strokes, as well as heart surgery this year. We were already struggling to support our family month to month and these set backs really took a toll on our family. I was also going through some pretty scary physical things as well. From August to the end of November we were either in an ER or a surgical unit 18 times. It isn't a time I ever want to relive that is for sure. 
The worst part about the entire experience was that when my husband was at his lowest he set up a gofundme campaign in hopes to get through the next couple of months and provide Christmas to his family. He also had decided on a career change that would better fit his new (dis)abilities and he needed money to start up that business. Not one family member donated to this campaign and not one family member shared to this campaign. It was really painful. It is already difficult to ask for help, but to have a door slammed in our face was truly painful. We did raise a little bit of money that helped pay our bills for a couple of months, but has not allowed him to get the equipment he needs for his new business. However, this hasn't stopped him from working toward this dream, and maybe one day we will find an investor or two. 
Anyway, the reason I bring that up is that since there was relatively little help we had no idea what we would do for Christmas. We prepared the kids, letting them know Christmas was going to be very small this year. They all know how hard things have been and none of them complained about it. At all. When Heather Bagley wrote to me to let me know that I was picked for a Sub for Santa that she had submitted my family for I literally started to cry. My beautiful, accepting, wonderful children were going to get a Christmas! I was so relieved. As a parent, you want to give your children the world, and sometimes circumstances require them to go without. But this program made it possible for me to provide a Christmas for them. 
I honestly thought each child would receive one outfit and one 'toy'. I had NO CLUE just how much we were being given. When the gifts were ped off it felt like a dream. One of my daughters had surgery that morning and so it had already been a stressful day. I still can't believe the generosity that was shown to us. I am blown away.
I have no idea how the people buying these gifts could know what to get so well. I provided sizes of clothes, but not their 'styles' and they were all spot on. Which is amazing since they are all so different in what they like. I am still a little baffled by that. 
I will attach a picture. The only one I took Christmas morning. I usually take a ton of pictures, but I was so caught up in it all that I actually didn't even think about it after that first one was taken. 
The kids love everything they received. I love everything I received (none of which I was expecting). The gift cards were generous and will be used to keep us going for a little while with the basics. 
Words can't adequately express our gratitude. Thank you for making this year a year for my kids (and myself of course) to remember. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to give back.
What meant even more than the gifts was the non judgement and love we felt. Heather wanted to help our family but couldn't so she submitted us for this program. The amount we were given and the types of things that were given showed that there was no judgement in our time of need. We could tell with every gift it was our happiness that was being considered, not how much we did or didn't deserve it. After many months of harsh judgement from family and friends it was heartwarming and healing to have such a huge gift of acceptance.
Thank you for everything.'



'I just wanted to take a moment to express my immense gratitude to the Jared Field Team for providing our family with Christmas this year. Not only was this past year the hardest year of my life, it has been rough for my three children as well. 

As I'm sure you know, I am going through a rough divorce. Money has been so tight, most of the time, I didn't know how I'd be able to get through the month. This past summer got so bad that I even had to sell my car, and being the main caregiver, I wondered how on earth I would be able to get my children to and from school when school would start back up in the fall. I had help from several friends who lent me their cars, so it was a true miracle I was never without a ride.
Then I decided to go on food stamps because I just couldn't make ends meet. I had no idea how I would even have a Christmas for my three children. I was behind on rent, on bills, and thoughI tried to get out of the financial hole, it was impossible.
But then another miracle happened.
When Kim Sandrock told me she had nominated me and that you had chosen my family for a sub for santa, I felt completely overwhelmed. My heart was so full with gratitude, so much so that I couldn't help but cry. Even now, thinking about it, tears fill my eyes.
When Brieanne and another sweet lady delivered the presents, my first thought was that I felt I was in the presence of angels and I was so grateful for people like them and the company they work for. My second thought was that I hope I will one day be able to give Christmas to someone in need. Because it meant the world to me.
So I wanted to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that my children and I had an amazing Christmas. In fact, it was so amazing,that I cannot remember a time I had so many presents. And the outpouring of love and the amazing gift selections, and the generous gift cards made us feel really, truly special. I have a hard time finding the right words, but with your generosity and love, this Christmas became a true miracle for our family. Your kindness will never be forgotten.
Much love,
Evelyn Squires'
'Wow!! What an amazing Christmas. My husband and I would like to thank everybody that made this Christmas amazing for my family. I still remember the evening I received the message that we had been chosen for a sub for Santa. I cried and had the most amazing feeling of love from people I didn't even know! Christmas this year will never be forgotten and the smiles on my kids faces still bring tears to my eyes knowing how close they were to not having a Christmas. We have been SO blessed and received more then we would have ever thought. Between my unplanned and very unexpected pregnancy, my job loss and my husband horrible work accident we definitely were able to end this year with smiles on are faces and so much love for everyone that made this happen!!! Attached is a picture of the kids with their favorite gift they received!! (Brooklynn takes this doll everywhere  with her!!).
Love, The Thompson Family' 
'My family and I thank you very much for all those present made our Christmas really special God bless you and pour many blessings to you and your familyMy family and I thank you very much for all those present made our Christmas really special God bless you and pour many blessings to you and your family. ~ Juany Guillen'
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