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2017-05-16 23:10:54
'Wonder Woman' Confirmed Seat Reservations List

**Updated on May 31st at 4pm**

**Please read the important information below!**

Below is our most updated seat reservation list as of the time stated above. Please confirm your name is under the correct location and showtime.  For any problems, issues or questions about the seat reservations, please send an email to Marketing@TheFieldsTeam.com.

 - Lines will start 45 minutes prior to showtime! A cosplay Wonder Woman or two will be at each theater for photo-ops. Stay posted for more details on checking in to the theater.

- We will have multiple rows of seats reserved for clients who have closed with us in the past 12 months and clients who are currently under contract.  However, once the reserved seats are taken, recent past and current clients will have to choose from what is left in the theater.  We cannot guarantee the reserved seating will be available so the sooner you arrive, the better your seats will be.  The rest of the seats will be first come, first served and we ask that you sit close to one another as we expect every seat to be taken.

- Due to the number of clients on our wait-list we ask that you do not give your tickets to any friends or family. If you are unable to attend your reserved showtime, please contact us at Marketing@TheFieldsTeam.com. We would like to fill open seats with those on our wait-list. 

As a reminder, showings will take place at Provo Towne Center Cinemark 16 and Lehi Thanksgiving Point Megaplex on Wednesday, May 31st. Be sure to go to the right theater at the right time and day!


We thank you for your support!

If you don't see your name, please check the wait-list at the bottom.

LEHI 7pm PROVO 7pm PROVO 8pm
Aaron L. Adam G. Adam R.
Alan M. Adam L. Adrienne J.
Alex M. Alan C. Alberto V.
Alexandria J. Alex H. Alice D.
Alexis J. Amber L. Allison M.
Alicia L. Angela M. Amanda H.
Alyssa B. Angelika Gabi C. Analane P.
Amanda O. Anna B. Angela J.
Amber B. Anna Bu Angie G.
Amy B. Ashley D. Ashley D.
Ana L. Ashley Du. Ashton S.
Andrew M. Ashley K. Aubrey B.
Ann J. Ashley P. Bart F.
Ann W. Ashley R. Carolyn H.
Annelise W. Audrey W. Corey z.
Annie K. Barbara P. Danny w.
Arin L. Becki J. Dena G.
Ashlee C. Becky K. Devin L.
Ashlie F. Becky T. Dixie B.
Austin F. Benjamin S. Erik B.
Austin M. Brent D. Garrett D.
Becca R. Brian H. Heather W.
Belinda M. Brian W. Heidi J.
Ben S. Bryan Y. Jaclyn H.
Bethany B. Bryce N. JaNae G.
BJ E. Carmina C. Jen B.
BJ K. Carson W. Jennilyn J.
Bojana M. Charmay L. Jeremy W.
Brady A. Chersti N. Jessica W.
Brady T. Christian N. Jill W.
Brandt W. Clay G. Joann C.
Brandy T. Cole G. Joanne P.
Bret B. Cole O. Jody D.
Brett G. cori R. John M.
Brian L. Courtney H. John R.
Bryan L. Dallin H.  
Cailey R. David A. Jonathan W.
Caryn S. David H. Josh B.
Casey C. David M. Joshua H.
Cassie W. Debbie S. Julie R.
Chad D. Diane N. Justin W.
Chase D. Donovan H. kaitlin K.
Chaz Z. Dylan M. Kalie H.
Christi G. Elena L. Keola K.
Cindy W. Elijah K. Kolin H.
Clarissa C. Elizabeth T. Larissa T.
Clint W. Elric B. Lene K.
Cory H. Emily S. Mary Ann W.
Courtney C. Erin R. McCall T.
Daniel S. Errol A. McKenna A.
Dave M. Farah S. Megan J.
David M. Haley F. Michele K.
David O. Jacob A. Michelle B.
Debra M. Jake W. Mike N.
Denise K. James K. Mitch J.
Emily W. Jameson M. Nick T.
Emma E. Janssen W. Phillip E.
Eric D. Jared K. Rebecca S.
Eric R. Jason H. Reese H.
Erica T. Jason L. Rich J.
Erin H. Jen W. Richard C.
Erin M. Jennifer H. Rob W.
Erwin S. Jesse B. Robert K.
Evan P. Jessie M. Sam D.
Evelyn S. John V. Sandee C.
Everett B. Jonathan A. Sarah R.
Faleshia P. Jordan F. Shandi C.
Hank J. Josee C. Spencer R.
Heather T. Josh C. Stephanie G.
Heidi P. Josh J. Stephanie G.
Heidi W. Justin K. Stephanie I.
Hilary H. Katrina G. Trevor E.
Holly B. Keri O. Troy M.
Jami L. Kim C. Vanessa H.
Jana B. Krista P. William P.
Janae G. Kyle R. Erick A.
Jared A. Kyle W. Lee W.
Jared S. Laura T. Nateijie H.
Jarom S. Lauren M. Jaklin K.
Jason B. Letia C. Anna B.
Jeffrey H. Lisa B.  
Jeneece W. Marcyne B.  
Jenise B. Maria T.  
Jenna F. Marianne N.  
Jennifer A. Marie W.  
Jennifer B. Marney H.  
Jennifer M. Mary C.  
Jenny G. Mary W.  
Jeremy W. Matt K.  
Jesse J. Matthew P.  
Jim W. Michael P.  
Joanna O. Morgan F.  
Jody F. Nadia K.  
John S. Natalie C.  
Joleen P. Nate B.  
Jonathan H. Nicole P.  
Jordan G. Nikki S.  
Jordan O. Patricia A.  
Jordan T. Paul V.  
Jordann S. Rachel T.  
Jorgen S. Rafael S.  
Joscelyn L. Ralph T.  
Joseph H. Ralph Tu.  
Josh W. Randall P.  
Julia H. Richard J.  
Juliana T. Rob T.  
Kaitlyn S. Robin J.  
Kaleb G. Rolando C.  
Kandice M. Ron C.  
Kathy H. Ross L.  
Katie B. Ruth N.  
Kelsey K. Salvacion C.  
Kika V. Sam H.  
Krystal B. Sarah H.  
Kyle L. Scott H.  
Kyle H. Shianna L.  
Kyler H. Skylar W.  
Kylie W. Stephanie K.  
Lauren A. Stephanie S.  
Lauren C. Steve H.  
Layne B. Susan B.  
Lee S. Susan S.  
Lem W. Tanner W.  
Leslie M. Taylor E.  
Lily M. Taylor R.  
Lindsay A. Tim R.  
Lisa J. TJ J.  
Lisa T. Travis H.  
Logan D. Trevor E.  
Loren S. Vili L.  
Mario G. Whit R.  
Mark S. William P.  
Marnae C. Zaya D.  
Marshall W.    
Mary C.    
Mary W.    
Maryanne N.    
Matt G.    
matt L.    
Matthew W.    
Matthew T.    
Maureen V.    
Megan T.    
Melanie O.    
Meredith S.    
Micah B.    
Michael C.    
Michael M.    
Micheal P.    
Michelle C.    
Michelle E.    
Miguel H.    
Mike R.    
Mike T.    
Mikell J.    
Mindy P.    
Miranda J.    
Mitch H.    
Mitch M.    
Mitzi G.    
Nadeane P.    
Nakesha L.    
Natalia C.    
Nikki C.    
Paola D.    
Patricia H.    
Peter D.    
Peter W.    
Rachel P.    
Rebecca B.    
Ricks D.    
Rob S.    
Robert C.    
Rodrigo V.    
Rosie S.    
Russ W.    
Ryan C.    
Ryan H.    
Sabrina T.    
Samantha B.    
Sandy R.    
Sarah C.    
Sarah L.    
Scott S.    
Scott & Ariel T.    
Sela L.    
Sharon C.    
Shawn A.    
Skyler J.    
Spencer G.    
Spencer S.    
Spenser A.    
Stefanie E.    
Stephanie H.    
Stephanie M.    
stephanie P.    
Stephen W.    
Sterling J.    
Steve H.    
Stuart Y.    
Tanya R.    
Tara S.    
Taylor C.    
Teague B.    
Teresa P.    
Teresa P.    
Thelma M.    
Thomas P.    
Tiffany G.    
Tim P.    
Tina J.    
Travis E.    
Trevor H.    
Trevor N.    
Tungalag W.    
Ty R.    
Tyler F.    
Tyler H.    
Valerie P.    
Wyatt A.    
Zachary B.    
Zack H.    


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